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Gutter Topper Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need a new roof?
Because of the method of installation, your gutter protection should be removed before your old roof is taken off and your new roof installed.  Proper installation is critical to your gutter protection’s performance, so it is important that the product be taken off and re-installed by the authorized retailer that originally installed the product.  Your authorized retailer will also clean the gutters of any leftover roofing material before your gutter protection is re-installed.  Now there may be a service charge associated with this work, much like there would be if you needed a satellite dish removed from your roof before a new roof is installed.


With gutter protection, it is installed and forgotten, right?
Not quite.  If anyone tells you there is a gutter protection product that is totally maintenance free, they are not being truthful with you.  Of all the gutter protection products out there, NOT ONE is maintenance free.  Now, there are some that require less maintenance than others.  Generally, the least amount of normal maintenance is to clean off the product twice a year, especially if you have a hooded product.  These products work on a principle of physics called surface tension.  Keeping the front nose clean will help ensure proper performance.  Perforated products should be checked twice a year as well.  Your Gutter Topper retailer may offer a service plan, which would then make your gutter protection totally maintenance free, at least as far as you are concerned!

What happens if a big storm causes hail or wind damage?
Unless the hail has severely damaged your gutter protection, the product should continue to perform as before.  Your Gutter Topper retailer can inspect the product and let you know.  It would be rare if your gutter protection suffered wind damage.  The product was independently tested and certified to withstand 110 mph winds with no lift or movement of the product.   If your product needs to be replaced, make sure you use an authorized Gutter Topper retailer and beware of storm chasers.


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What’s a storm chaser?
A storm chaser is a “fly-by-night” contractor, who will pretend to be an authorized retailer of a product.  After he gives you an estimate for repair, and your insurance company has approved a settlement, he will take off your current product and replace it with an inferior one, that costs him much less.  When you discover the product is not working properly, that contractor is no where to be found.  Make sure you use a reputable and authorized retailer.


You said the product was tested?  Tested for what?
All of the products manufactured by Gutter Covers International have been independently tested and certified.  The key words here are “independently tested and certified.”  That means someone else tested the product so there was no chance of the results being skewed in our favor.  If the product failed, the product failed, and that’s what would be reported.  Of course, the product didn’t fail.  In fact, it passed with flying colors.  We told you about the wind test - 110 mph winds with no lift or movement.  It was also tested and certified to handle 22 inches of rain per hour.  That’s 44 feet of rain in one day - more than Hurricane Katrina dumped on New Orleans!  It was also tested and certified to withstand 1200 pounds of weight per square foot. 


I was told that attaching the gutter guard to my roof will void my shingle warranty or allow my roof to leak.  Is that true?
The gutter protection is attached with deck screws, not nails, and those screws are then covered with a protective sealant.  It will NOT void your shingle warranty.  But don’t believe us - ask the shingle manufacturers.  Two of the largest shingle manufacturers in the United States answer that question, Certainteed and GAF.


Where is the product manufactured?
We’re proud to say our products are manufactured right here in the good old U.S.A.  Our 43 thousand square foot manufacturing plant is located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The product is formed with sophisticated digitally controlled roll forming machines and each piece is personally inspected and approved by specially trained employees.  In fact, they initial each and every box showing that they stand behind the product’s integrity.

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How does it work?
It’s a principle of physics.  When it rains the water runs down your roof and over the gutter protection.  The water then goes right around the specially designed nose of the product, right into your gutter.  Try this: take a glass of water and hold it over the sink.  Now slowly tilt the glass until the water starts running over the side.  What’s the water do?  It runs down the side of the glass before it drops off in to the sink.  Same thing here.


Do you have colors that match my roof or gutter?
We have a variety of colors that will match almost any roof or gutter. 


What does the product warranty cover?
Gutter Topper carries a lifetime, limited transferrable performance warranty and a 20-year materials warranty.  There are some terms and conditions, as in any warranty. 


Will this work on any type of roof or gutter?
In most cases, Gutter Topper can be installed on any type of roof or gutter.  The product was designed to work with all types of roof designs and gutter systems.  To be sure, you can contact Square Deal Siding Company.


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